Size Guide

Collar Size (A) 

Measure arount the neck just where a collar sits. Keep one finger between the tape and the neck.


Chest Size (B)      

Measure around the broadest part of the chest keeping the tape up under the arms. Keep one finger between the tape and the body.


Sleeve Length (C) 

Measure from the crown to the cuff (shoulder to wrist). It is also helpful if you can measure with the arm bent at the elbow in front of the chest and measure again shoulder to wrist. NB: all jacket/ waistcoat lengths will be determined from the person's height and sleeve length measurement.


Waist Size (D) 

Trousers: measure 1 inch above the hip bone. Kilts and Trews must be measured 2 inches above the hip, level with the gents navel. The gent who is being measured must not breathe in, the body must be relaxed.


Kilt Length (E)

Ask the gent to kneel down with his back and thighs vertical. Measure from the naval to the floor.    


Inside Leg (F)

Measure crotch to ankle or to the position the gent normally wears his trousers.    


Head Measure (G)

Measure the circumference of the head starting at the middle of the forehead around and 1 inch above the ears.   


Height (H) 

Measure head to toe


Jackets require:

Chest (B) and Sleeve Length (C).

Trousers require:

Waist (D) and Inside Leg (F).

Waistcoats require:

Chest (B) and Height (H).

Shirts require:

Collar (A) and Sleeve Length (C).

Hats require:

Head (G).