wedding planning for the groom

Wedding Planning

Even though it may feel like your future mother-in-law is organising everything, follow our easy to use countdown and ensure that the run up to the wedding goes smoothly and you get extra husband- to-be brownie points.


12 months
  • Pop the question
  • Decide on the date – check sporting fixtures before hand
  • Decide on the budget and who is paying – include both sets of parents
  • Buy the wedding insurance before all the deposits start to roll in.
  • Consider a wedding planner – let someone else take the strain while you are left to enjoy the happiest day of your life.
  • Buy the wedding licence.
8 months
  • Take responsibility of coordinating the following: rings, transport, grooms hire, stag do, photographer (this does not mean just a mate with a digital camera) and entertainment.
  • Consider offering to keep record of deposits and balances – this will keep you in the loop more.
  • Visit – take a look at our hire range for style and colours to give you some ideas
  • Decide on the colour theme – once a theme is decided to and stuck to everything will look co-ordinated.
  • Book the venues – make sure you know what the venues look and feel like at the same time of year as your wedding.
  • Book Ceremony administer.
  • Book and meet with entertainment, cars and photographer.
6 Months
  • Buy wedding rings (ensure that they are fitted well)
  • Plan wedding list; ensure you have some gifts included
  • Book the honeymoon, insurance etc
3 months
  • Take yourselves off for a romantic and inspiring minibreak. Spend some quality time together away from the stresses and strains of the planning – you can use your 1860 vouchers from the hiring your suits from us.
  • Send out invitations – include wedding list information, accommodation and theme information. If you are using “party mode” add the party name as well to ensure all groomsmen are dressed the same.
  • Book hairdressers
  • Discuss menu options with caterer.
  • Hire the wedding party suits - either instore or online at we recommend this to be the minimum amount of time to hire your suits to ensure that your designs and colours are instock.
2 months
  • Check passports
  • Schedule rehearsal
  • Learn to dance – this will help make the first dance special.
  • Buy gifts for the groomsmen
  • Organise the stag do
1 month
  • Chase up and finalise the guest list
  • Print the order of service
  • Have final fitting for hire suits
  • Buy the wedding licence
  • Remind all appropriate party members about their speeches. And write your own
1 week
  • Pick up the suits from 1860. Check every suit fits perfectly.
  • Phone confirmation of photographer, entertainment, honeymoon, transport etc.
  • Get a Hair cut
1 day to go
  • Send your bride a little gift for tomorrow
  • Pack for your honeymoon
  • Have an early night to look your best for tomorrow.